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Ice Wreck Kush is the combination of Ice, the legendary strain Trainwreck and another unknown British Columbian strain. This indica packs a deep, cerebral head high and a subtle sedating body high all-in-one, making it frequently sought after.

LINEAGE Trainwreck x Unknown BC Indica
EFFECTS Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy, Sedated & Hungry
TERPENE PROFILE Earthy, Woody, Spicy, Pine & Gas
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Ice Wreck Kush

Ice Wreck Kush is a powerful indica strain created by the combination of two legendary strains - Ice and Trainwreck, plus an unidentified British Columbian strain. Bred by Crop King Seeds, this strain is known for its potent effects - a deep, cerebral head high and a subtle sedating body high. With a THC content of 18-28%, the effects of this strain are almost immediate, with a surge of euphoria that builds into a clear-headed and focused high. The effects eventually transition into a heavily sedating and relaxing high, which can be useful for treating anxiety, stress, depression and light to moderate pain.

Ice Wreck Kush is known for its stunningly thick, white THC crystals which cover the dense, olive green buds. Accented by deep purple toned leaves and a minimal amount of orange pistils, this strain is sure to impress. The aroma is pungent and dank, making it a favorite among many.