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Backwoods Original Cigars


“The classic cigar that started it all. Each cigar is one of a kind, Here are Backwood original cigars, but they’re all packing the same tasteful, aromatic punch. You just don’t mess with a classic.”

CONTENTS 5x Connecticut Broadleaf Tobacco Cigars
WARNING This product contains tobacco. Tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, even in nonsmokers. Keep away from minors under 19 years old.

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Backwoods Original Cigars

Experience the smooth, premium taste of Backwoods cigars that any cigar connoisseur can appreciate. Machine-made, each cigar is perfectly rolled in a rustic shape within an authentic Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco wrapper. With an exotic flavour blend that appeals to smokers of all kinds, they're the preferred choice of blunt wrapper by many mainstream rap artists, including Migos, Kodak Black and more. Each pack comes with five cigars in a convenient resealable package, with a wide line of Backwoods flavours including Sweet Aromatic, Russian Cream, Honey Berry and Dark Stout - as well as the popular Honey Bourbon Cigars. Enjoy the perfect smoke with Backwoods Original Cigars.