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Tangerine Cookies *Hybrid*


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By combining the tasty Tangie X Thin Mint Cookies strains, the uncommon sativa dominant hybrid strain Tangerine Cookies (70% sativa/30% indica) was born. Tangerine Cookies has a distinct, extremely acidic citrus flavour that, when exhaled, includes undertones of creamy mint. When the nugs are broken apart and burned, the aroma swiftly transforms from a very sweet earthy citrus overtone to a creamy sour menthol. It hits you strongly and quickly, with loud lifting effects that immediately fill you with joy and a wealth of creative energy. As you effortlessly complete every task on your to-do list without pausing to take a break, you'll feel absolutely ecstatic and inspired.Chronic stress, depression, mood swings, migraines, and chronic exhaustion are just a few of the diseases that are frequently treated with tangerine cookies. This flower features fluffy minty green nugs in the shape of popcorn, each covered in a thick frosty layer of tiny, dazzling white crystal trichomes.

THC 28-30%

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