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Sweet, fruity, and refreshing – what more can you expect from a strain? Rainbow Kush Mints is an indica-dominant hybrid that might as well be a cocktail in weed form. Its smooth, relaxing high coupled with its delicious flavours make it a perfect choice for anybody looking to sit back and relax!

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Rainbow Kush Mints Strain Information

Introducing the Rainbow Kush Mints strain, an incredibly tasty and powerful indica-dominant hybrid. This Craft Collection strain boasts 22-25% THC potency and will delight and excite with its flavor and effects! It's created by crossing Platinum Kush Mints with Rainbow Zkittlez, and is only grown in small batches by experienced cultivators.

Appearance and Flavour

The Rainbow Kush Mints strain has an amazing bag appeal, with its chunky, dense buds covered in frosty trichomes. It has a bright green color with orange hairs and some rare phenotypes having purple weed hues. Its aroma and taste are both incredibly refreshing, with a sweet and fruity flavor from its Rainbow Zkittlez parent strain and a minty finish from its Platinum Kush Mints parent strain.


The Rainbow Kush Mints strain offers a smooth and refreshing smoke that leads to a subtle cerebral high. You'll feel relaxed, numb, and euphoric, and shortly after, a sedative body high will kick in. Its effects are not too potent or sedative, making it a great strain to enjoy both day and night. Its relaxing, euphoric effects are great at treating ADD, stress, and mood swings.

Rainbow Kush Mints Medical Benefits

Cramps, Muscle Spasms, Stress, Depression, ADD/ADHD

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