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Oro’s Honey Oil is a full spectrum Cannabis oil derived from their pesticide-free single strain, outdoor-grown in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia.1 gram Syringe – 84.0% THC and 1.8% CBD

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Oro – Honey Oil

Introducing Oro's Honey Oil, a full spectrum Cannabis oil made from pesticide-free single strain plants grown outdoors in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia. Through winterization and filtration, plant material, chlorophyll, and waxes are removed, resulting in a consistently clean and potent burn. This amazing product is crafted in large batches from a single source strain to ensure flawless consistency in every dose.

Oro’s sun-grown plants are nurtured in glacial waters, fresh air, natural negative ions, and real sunlight. Every part of the plant is used, from the top AAAA nugs down to the smalls, to create an incredibly unique terpene profile.

Honey Oil is made by extracting THC from potent buds and concentrating it into a viscous material. It has the consistency of honey and can be used in many different ways. Smoked, vaped, dabbed, added to edibles, taken orally, or applied trans-dermally, Honey Oil provides instant absorption with zero residual solvents or added terpenes.

How to use:

Smoke/Vape: Dab or vape, roll it in your joint, or put it in your pipe or bong bowl.

Oral: Start low, go slow! Apply a small amount of honey oil under your tongue, the size of a tiny bead (10mg) with your meal. Effects can show after 15 minutes, but wait at least 90 minutes to re-dose if needed. Increase the dosage in 10mg increments to find your optimum dose. Alternatively, add this product to your food with the same practice (10mg at a time) for longer, less intense effects. Cooking this product will reduce its potency.

Note: It is normal to observe air bubbles, which do not affect final weight. Each syringe is measured by weight (about 1 gram) instead of volume (ml).