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Lucky Charms


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crossover of the well-known Grease Monkey X Rainbow Chip varieties by Funky Charms. Known for its mouthwatering flavour and edgy, youthful high.Like the cereal by the same name, Funky Charms has a sweet, sugary fruit flavour with lots of chocolate and nutty vanilla undertones. The aroma is equally mouthwatering, with notes of chocolate, vanilla, and sour citrus enhanced by spicy, acrid menthol. When you exhale, the Funky Charms high will swiftly strike, affecting both your body and mind. Your mind will be stimulated, and you'll have an influx of sociable energy and creativity that's ideal for group settings with both friends and strangers.This powerful increase is accompanied by a calming physical sedative that starts as a stimulating tingle before taking full hold and sending you into a physical coma.Experienced individuals who suffer from diseases including chronic fatigue, depression, mood swings, sleeplessness, and chronic pain frequently choose Funky Charms as their treatment. With thin orange hairs, golden overtones, and icy, tiny golden-white crystal trichomes, this bud has large, diamond-shaped emerald-green nugs.

THC 28-30%






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