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Dab Mats by My Dab Mat has come to the rescue with these non-stick, food grade silicone dab mats. Let’s face it, dabs are messy! That sticky, oily, waxy residue ends up everywhere. These mats are large enough to hold a dab rig, dab tools, and containers.

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Dab Mats (My Dab Mat)

Introducing My Dab Mat's Dab Mats! Never worry about sticky, oily, waxy residue again with these non-stick, food-grade silicone dab mats. These mats are large enough to hold your dab rig, dab tools, and containers, providing your glass and tabletops with the ultimate protection against messes. Plus, you can save those drips and splatters to be dabbed as they were meant to be! Whether you’re a dabbing pro or just getting started, these mats are a must-have for any enthusiast.

Product Features:

– 11″ diameter

– 1.5mm thick

– Non-stick surface

– Food grade silicone

– Easy cleanup

– Prevents damage to tables and other dabbing surfaces