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Banana Split *Hybrid*


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Banana Split, a hybrid strain with a 60% sativa/40% indica ratio, was produced by mating the iconic Tangie X Banana Sherbet strains. With Banana Split, you can get both an amazingly delicious flavour and a strong high. Each and every high-powered puff from this lovely lady is flavoured with a super-delicious sweet fruity cherries and cream flavour. The aroma has the same profile as the flavour, with a thick cream undertone and a slightly tropical overtoneWith effects that are ideal for a lazy day when you need to get up and moving but don't really have much to do, the Banana Split high is as delicious as the flavour. It begins with a subtly upbeat boost that improves your mood and leaves you feeling completely ecstatic, with mental energy and motivation.Chronic stress, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, and chronic exhaustion are among the illnesses that a banana split is considered to be ideal for treating.

THC 25-27%



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