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Winter Berry Strain


The Winter Berry strain is somewhat of a mystery. We’re sure it’s an indica-dominant hybrid. Cheese, Super Silver Haze, and Black Cherry Soda are three leading candidates for parents. The Winterberry breed’s strength is well-known. However, no one knows who bred or where the strain originated.

The Winter Berry strain high has a THC concentration of 18.8 percent, with effects taking some time to manifest. After perhaps a quarter of an hour, you may notice the initial symptoms of a euphoric feeling. However, once it begins, you can anticipate it to keep you uplifted and happy for several hours. Some individuals claim that they become more sociable and chatty as a result of this strain because they get a tingle down their neck.

You will feel a little apprehensive when you first take Winter Berry. As the high takes hold, your muscles will tense up. The tension goes away from your muscles almost immediately. Soon, you’ll want to sit still for the rest of the high. Winter Berry does not produce total sedation or couch-lock in general. However, if you consume too much of it, this may happen.

However, it’s a good idea to use it in the evening just in case you become drowsy. There’s also a possibility that depth perception will be impacted. It is suggested that novices avoid using something more powerful.

Winter Berry strain has a lovely candy-like fragrance. When you crush the buds, you get a beautiful combination of berries and cherries. As you light up the buds, the aroma only improves. Although it isn’t nearly as sweet as actual dessert, there is a sugary sensation at work. Users also described being greeted with the cherry and berry flavor mentioned in the scent. If you smoke Winter Berry, there’s a chance of minor coughing.

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