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White Widow is a classicHybridthat’s remained popular throughout the years. The team at Green House Seeds fused an Indica from Brasil and Indian landrace to create the beautiful bud we know and love.

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White Widow Strain Information

White Widow is a renowned cannabis strain that won the Cannabis Cup award in 1995, and has been a mainstay in Dutch coffee shops since then. It was created by Scott Blakey, aka Shantibaba (co-founder of Green House Seed Company). This balanced hybrid consists of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, delivering a euphoric buzz with creative energy, followed by a full-body relaxation.

Aroma and Flavor

White Widow has a complex aroma profile that includes skunky pungent, earthy, and spicy notes with some fruity and tropical hints. Its flavor is clean and pine-fresh, with a hint of sweet citrus along with floral and earthy notes.


This strain is aptly named for its crystal-covered buds that have a whitish-gray hue and are large and hard in a sage-green color.

White Widow Strain Effects

The effects of White Widow are a combination of a euphoric high that boosts creativity and energy levels, followed by a calming body relaxation. It's a great strain for medical marijuana users due to its stress-busting qualities, and is effective in treating chronic pain, insomnia, and depression.

THC Content

White Widow has an average THC content of 25-30%.

Buy White Widow Strain Online

White Widow is one of the most popular cannabis strains around, and for good reason. Buy it online today and experience the buzz that has earned it a cult following!

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