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Wax Cartridge Pods by FLO


Flo Extracts offers the finest cannabis products to consumers, while continually revolutionizing their experience. Our commitment to our customers is unwavering; we have pledged that we will never cease innovating and evolving in order to meet the growing demand for cannabis. Get energized with FLO Pod’s cannabis hybrid strain, Pink Kush. Rich in flavor and effects that are a combination of mental clarity and physical relaxation, plan your day accordingly so you can experience the full benefits this strain has to offer. As an indica dominant hybrid, smoking Pink Kush is best left for later in the evening when you’re ready to unwind and drift off into a peaceful slumber afterwards. FLO’s revolutionary Vape-pod system takes vaping to a new level, utilizing cutting-edge vapour technology for enhanced performance with 510 pens. Unlike standard vape pens which were designed solely for nicotine use, the FLO-pod was specifically crafted from the ground up to be perfect for vaporising your cannabis extracts. Each pod delivers an unbeatable experience that will revolutionise any user’s vaping journey! FLO pods revolutionize the 510 Thread with ultra-portable, state of the art cannabis vaporizers. This two-part system consists of a battery and pod that snap together to form an airtight seal; this ensures maximum vapour output each time you inhale. With FLO’s convenient refill design, it is easy to enjoy your favourite flavour without all that extra hassle!

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FLO makes every effort to improve the cannabis experience for consumers by providing top-notch products. They are committed to continuously innovating and adding new ideas, as evidenced by their unbeatable selection of Juliet Afghan Hash at our website. Furthermore, you can also purchase Distillate Cartridge Pods – Vape Pens from FLO right here! No matter what your preference is, FLO has all the latest trends in high-quality cannabis available with just a few clicks.

FLO's Cartridge Pods for Distillate are created from the Pink Kush strain, an indica-dominant hybrid that delivers both stimulating and physical effects. Notably, this particular pressure has a stronger flavor and behaves more like an Indica when smoked - allowing you to drift swiftly into sleep not long after consumption. Moreover, FLO’s Vape-Pod system provides superior performance compared to generic 510 pens as it is tailored exclusively with their own vaporizers in mind. Intended to be used for nicotine vaporization, the traditional 510 vape pen has been outdone by FLO's Vape-pod system. This groundbreaking device was designed specifically as the ultimate way to consume cannabis extracts - offering an unparalleled vaping experience!

Introducing the phenomenal FLO Pod Vaporizer, a revolutionary cannabis vaporizer joining its 510 Thread siblings. The two-part pod is designed to create an airtight seal and deliver maximum vapour each time you inhale - no threaded tanks required! You won't find anything like this on the market; it's lightweight yet highly advanced for your vaping pleasure. Experience potency beyond measure with the incomparable FLO Pod today!

Available flavours:

  • Gas Mask – Indica
  • Incredible Hulk – Sativa

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