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Experience some of the best craft cannabis British Columbia has to offer with Top Shelf Pre-Rolls! Forget about the hassle of having to roll a joint and skip right to the fun part. Top Shelf Pre-Rolls take care of the tricky part so all you have to do is enjoy your experience!

CONTENTS 10x Pre-Rolled Joints
WEIGHT 10 x 0.5g

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Top Shelf Pre-Rolls

Experience the best of the West Coast with Top Shelf Pre-Rolls! This Vancouver-based collective has quickly become a local favourite, offering high-quality high terpene full spectrum extract disposable vape pens. Now, they've expanded their selection to include AAAA+ craft-cannabis pre-rolls for maximum convenience. You don't need to worry about rolling your own, because Top Shelf Pre-Rolls have taken the hassle out of the whole experience. They use only whole cannabis flowers with no fillers such as shake or trim, so you know you'll be getting the best quality product. Get ready to enjoy quality cannabis with Top Shelf Pre-Rolls!

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