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Wesley Tea CBD or THC – Tea
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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

SKU: tea-wesley-tea-individual-packs-6-flavours-to-choose-from-5-each-per-pack Category:

6 flavours by Wesley Tea Company:

1) Sleep Comforttea - 20mg CBD.....

2) Restore Functionalitea - 20 mg CBD....

3) Success Prosperitea- 10 mg THC & 10 mg CBD.....

4) Sparkle Vitalitea - 10 mg THC & 10 mg CBD.....

5) Green Activitea (*only one that is caffienated) - 20 mg THC....

6) Sunny Claritea - 20 mg THC....

Feeling stressed? Want to take the edge off, and keep up with your daily routine? Have body aches and pain? Let the pain ease away and relax! Have cramps? A naturel pain relief. Ready for a great nights rest? Slip into a quality sleep. Anxiety? Let it go! Your daily heath preventative! Keep on top of your health. High Tea is quality organic bioavailable cannabis infused tea! If you’re looking to receive all the benefits of cannabis, without the overwhelming high, then HighTea is for you! This cannabis tea helps relieve: stress, inflammation, pain, nausea and cramps, while allowing you to keep up with your daily routine!

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