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Red Dragonis a hybrid strain that offers consumers a different cannabis experience. The slightly sativa dominant effects of this strain will provide you with a fun, uplifted attitude where you might find yourself non stop giggling.

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Red Dragon

Experience a unique cannabis experience with Red Dragon, a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain. This strain brings a fun attitude and uplifted mindset, with non-stop giggles. The distinctive aromas and flavours of this flower are a combination of woody pine and herbal notes, with subtle hints of citrus and pepper. Relaxing effects can help with stress or anxiety, while its physical effects can relieve mild pain. Red Dragon is best suited for daytime use! With up to 20-22% THC, this strain offers a range of effects including uplifted, happy, energetic, relaxed, and euphoric. Medical benefits include stress, depression, fatigue, pain, and anxiety.

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