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Purple Yeti Strain


The Purple Yeti is a legendary strain known as the Headband BX before its name was changed to Purple Yeti. This indica-dominant bud, which has become a must-have for many a cannabis connoisseur, was created by NorCal Collective (Loompa Farms) to combine high THC levels with high CBD levels without leaving the user incapacitated.

The Purple Yeti is a cannabis strain with a THC concentration of around 20 percent and a CBD percentage of 3 percent or more, making it one of the heaviest in the market. This results in an exceptionally soothing experience with a little cerebral high. White Rhino’s flavor and fragrance are characterized by notes of fresh grass that aren’t mixed up with its creamy taste. The rich green color is enhanced by orange hairs and a thick covering of sparkling trichomes.

Purple Yeti is a high that’s unique to experienced users, according to reports. This bud is most popular in Northern California, but it is becoming more popular outside of the state. Its unique origin involves putting a pressure around the crown of your head (hence its previous name, Headband) for a lengthy period and giving you the impression that you did not smoke enough (thus its current name).

It takes a long time to take effect, and it won’t go away. Don’t rely on your intuition on this one; it has a slow onset but eventually works. When the strain fades, you’ll experience a surge of euphoria and arousal without any increases in heart rate or racing thoughts. Because of the indica’s properties, you’ll feel as if you’re enveloped in cotton. It will make you feel wonderful while simultaneously making you sad.

This indica-dominant hybrid is perfect for medicinal users who enjoy its sedative effects, making it ideal for treating chronic pain and headaches while also providing patients with the breath of fresh air they require. Try an hour before bed time with this bud to treat insomnia. For mood disorders like depression and stress, try a slightly lower dose of this strain. Novice consumers should be wary because this strain is best suited to intermediate to advanced smokers since it has a propensity to flee from you. Although the effects aren’t as powerful as the name implies, they are nonetheless potent.

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