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Experience pure and blissful relaxation with Purple White Lightning. A soothing indica-dominant hybrid, this strain is ideal for feeling your worries drift away. Feel your muscles loosen as your mind expands in a dazy haze in the best possible way!

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Purple White Lightning Strain Information

Purple White Lightning is an indica-dominant hybrid strain beloved for its wide range of effects and flavors. Bred by the British Columbia Seed Company, this strain is a combination of two west coast classics, White Lightning and Purple Kush.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

This hybrid strain is known for its short stature and light green buds, which are covered in a heavy layer of resin-soaked trichomes and subtle purple strands. The aroma of this strain is musky and carries notes of lemon, pine needles, and spices. The flavor profile is similar, with fresh notes of citrus, spice, and earthy tones.

The effects of this strain are balanced and powerful, with a rush of euphoria and energy followed by a deep relaxation that eliminates tension and pain. The high THC levels (up to 24%) of this strain can cause users to feel disoriented or experience visual hallucinations, so it’s best reserved for afternoon or evening use. Users may also experience the munchies, so it’s wise to have some tasty treats on hand.

Purple White Lightning Medical Benefits

The uplifting and euphoric properties of Purple White Lightning make it an excellent choice for treating depression, stress, anxiety and mood disorders. The sedating and relaxing physical traits make it ideal for conditions including physical fatigue, inflammation, pain and nerve pain, as well as appetite stimulation.

Common side effects of this strain are dry mouth and red eyes. Paranoia may also occur in some users.