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Purple Kushis one of the most classic weed strains in the cannabis world. This beautiful Indica will heavily sedate you into a deep sleep. It’s perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.

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Purple Kush Strain Information

Purple Kush is a classic indica strain renowned for its sedative effects and ability to reduce chronic pain and stress. Bred from the cross of Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush, this strain produces a sweet and tangy aroma of grapes, berries, and diesel. Its buds are dense and covered with white and orange hairs, and are covered in sticky trichomes that glint in the light. With up to 27% THC, Purple Kush is a powerful indica that delivers a euphoric burst of contentment, followed by a blissful relaxation that will ease stress and reduce pain.


Purple Kush smells more like fresh, tangy grapes than anything. Its juicy aromas of fruit and grape are undercut by light notes of diesel and pungent earth. This iconic smell is easily likable on so many levels.


Purple Kush has a clear grape flavor that’s paired with a mix of berries. Almost tasting like red wine, this strain has an earthy accent to it that gives a really deep flavor.


Purple Kush is world-known for its purple leaves and dense buds. This weed is beautifully covered with white and orange hairs that really shine bright against its dark purple undertones. This plant is super sticky and its frosty trichomes will please just about anybody.



Purple Kush Strain Effects

The heavy sedation of Purple Kush is perfect for helping relax after a long day. Users report a euphoric burst of contentment that is followed by a blissful relaxation that will ease stress and reduce pain. Many turn to this strain for medicinal purposes, as it has been known to help with chronic pain and inflammation. Its heavy effects will eventually lead to couchlock and sleep. Be sure to prepare a snack beforehand, as this strain is known to cause extreme hunger.

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