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Pre-Rolled Joints – 1 gram each $10 each, 3 for $20 AA-AAA


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SKU: pre-rolled-joints-1-gram-each-10-each-3-for-20 Category:

1 gram Pre-rolled joints..... Hybrid AA - AAA blend.

1 for $10,

3 for $20

5 for $25..

.Our AA - AAA pre-rolled joints are made from all of our AA - AAA strains. What ever nugs we find are too small we use to make our quality pre-rolled joints...... These joints are 1 gram each and are hybrid, close to a 50% Indica / 50% Sativa ratio. Maybe slightly more indica. ---------------------------------- A joint is cheap, discreet, disposable, and easily shared among friends. It requires neither the financial investment of a bong nor the time commitment of an edible. But unless you’ve got nimble fingers or hours to spend practicing, it can be tough to learn how to twist one up. Enter the pre-roll. Before legal, regulated markets, consumers themselves were the ones rolling joints. But as medical dispensaries and recreational shops emerged, demand grew for ready-made smokeables. By now, pre-rolls are almost everywhere, serving as go-to gifts and common suggestions to cannabis newcomers................  We know you’re busy and want to skip the tedious task of rolling your own joints, so we have Pre-Rolled Joints for you. Each joint has 1 gram of bud and is rolled in hemp paper to make your smoking experience more enjoyable and healthy................. They’ll arrive to you neat, clean and coned in perfect condition. Please have a small amount and see how it effects you, wait 30 minutes before consuming more................................. AAAA 1+ gram joints are also available!

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