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Experience a burst of sweet berry, cookie and candy flavouring. You’re going to blast off in a rocket ship bound for planet Euphoria. Platinum Cookies has high THC levels. It can help with pain, mood disorders, insomnia, and severe nausea. This strain helps the pain melt right away as you ease back on your couch.

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Platinum Cookies Strain Information

Platinum Cookies is a premium 50/50 hybrid with a THC average of 22-24%. This strain is the result of a cross between the renowned OG Kush and Durban Poison, a traditional landrace strain from South Africa.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

This delightful bud gets its name from its beautiful glazed look and signature sweet cookie kush taste. Platinum Cookies buds are a dark green colour with darker hairs and a dense dusting of tiny white crystals covering each bud. The aroma is fuel-like, with notes of orange, purple, and dark green. The flavour is also similar to the aroma, with a more musky and aromatic pungency.

One of the most popular strains of the past five years, Platinum Cookies is a must-buy for indica and hybrid lovers looking for a heavy, relaxed experience. This strain helps the pain melt right away as you ease back on your couch. The effects are well-balanced and enjoyable, offering both a mellow and uplifting high that can last for several hours.

Platinum Cookies Medical Benefits

Patients suffering from stress, pain, depression, lack of appetite, and insomnia can get relief from Platinum Cookies, making it ideal for daytime and evening usage.