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Nitro OG – Hybrid Bulk


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SKU: v7-NITRO OG - HYBRID-24606 Categories: , , ,

Nitro Cookies is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Gas Mask and Animal Cookies. This pungent strain is known to provide uplifting and relaxing effects. Nitro Cookies features gassy and earthy flavors with just a hint of sweetness. The smell of Nitro Cookies is strong and sweet, with hints of diesel fuel, pine, and skunk. The taste is similar to the smell but more refined, with undertones of fruitiness mixed in with the earthy tones. The high from this strain comes on slowly at first but can last for hours at times due to its heavy body effects; these effects tend to make consumers feel relaxed and sedated as well as euphoric at times. It's important for some people who use this strain to consume it slowly because it can cause headaches if consumed too quickly or in large quantities; however, if taken properly Nitro Cookies has been known to treat mild pain while also helping individuals sleep soundly without feeling groggy or hung over in the morning (which is why some patients prefer smoking this strain before going to bed).

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