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According to those who have smoked too much, Jedi Kush came from a galaxy far away. This is a super powerful cannabis that mostly gives you a physical high. Enjoy a tangy, woody, and skunky taste of Kush with a strong hint of fuel mixed with citrus. It starts to take effect in as little as ten minutes and while it gives you a complete body relaxation, your mind remains clear.

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Jedi Kush Strain Information

Jedi Kush is a powerful indica strain created by combining forces between Death Star and SFV OG Kush. With a whopping 28-30% THC, Jedi Kush promises a physical high that will take effect as soon as ten minutes after smoking. This strain is perfect for those who want to experience a full body relaxation without the risk of the mind becoming too foggy.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

The Jedi Kush buds are dark olive green with long orange hairs scattered across the surface, and they are covered in a layer of trichomes and sweet resin. This strain offers a unique flavour profile, with a grimy lemon kerosene and vibrant metallic midrange, and a hint of spicy earth and skunk notes from the Sensi Star strain.

When smoked, the flavours of lemon and fuel dominate, and the effects are felt almost immediately with an energizing euphoria that leaves your mind feeling clear and your body feeling relaxed. With Jedi Kush, stress and anxiety are alleviated, and it can even reduce negative thoughts.

Jedi Kush Medical Benefits

Jedi Kush is an ideal strain for medical use, and it is known to help with pain, depression, stress, headaches, and muscle spasms.

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