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Honey Dew Drops Strain


It’s Skunk #1 crossed with an unknown ruderalis. Honey Dew Drops, a strain that is the top of the line for tiny yet powerful, was developed by Royal Queen Seeds. By RQS, it was created with growers in mind. It is extremely tiny and can be cultivated both inside and outdoors, which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Don’t be fooled into thinking it isn’t strong because to its low THC content today.

You may be wondering if Honey Dew Drops is worth the hassle since it has such a small amount of THC. While its THC concentration isn’t very high by today’s standards, don’t be fooled into thinking you’re safe. Users report that this strain’s sativa effects strike them almost immediately. You could feel euphoric and joyful while under the influence of Honey Dew Drops’s sativa effects.

After a while, the indica components begin to show. Indica effects might cause tingling in your body as a result of the component. After taking Honey Dew Drops, many users feel aroused. The body high begins slowly but may swiftly take hold of you. As a result, Honey Dew Drops is ideal for nighttime use. You risk couch-lock if you overdo it on an empty stomach when sleeping.

The Skunk line has been passed on when you smell Honey Dew Drops. This strain combines skunk and earth scents with honey undertones. In a manner of speaking, the fragrance prepares the palate for the flavor experience. If you’re searching for a powerful skunky flavor, you won’t be disappointed. When exhaling, besides woody notes and hints of diesel, you might get a diesel-type aftertaste.

Honey Dew Drops has been popular for its euphoric effects for a long time, and this has helped it develop in popularity. Many people enjoy the uplifting sensation that Honey Dew Drops provides and notice an increase in sociability as a result of it. If you’re anxious or sad, you should consider taking it since this strain has a relaxing and soothing effect too. If you want to mingle with others effectively, use only a little amount of Honey Dew Drops; otherwise your limbs and eyes might become heavy, making you feel like going home early.

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