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High Octane OG is an award-winning indica strain that is renowned for its diesel, gas-like terpene profile. The genetics of High Octane OG are a mystery but many believe that it is closely related to OG Kush.

LINEAGE Unknown (OG Kush lineage)
EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted & Sleepy
TERPENE PROFILE Gas, Diesel, Earthy & Pine
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High Octane OG

High Octane OG is a legendary pure indica strain that has won countless awards and accolades. Its exact genetics are unknown, but many growers believe it to be closely related to OG Kush. High Octane OG has buds that are similar to OG Kush, and is renowned for its intense diesel-like aroma and potent indica effects. The buds of this strain are large and light green, and are heavily coated with sticky trichomes. When smoked, the taste is incredibly gassy and earthy, and can be very strong for those who are new to smoking. It will bring on feelings of heavy relaxation throughout the body, with a quick onset of laziness and sleepiness. It is a great strain for those who need relief from chronic conditions such as insomnia, appetite loss, chronic pain, and chronic stress. Side effects include dry mouth and dry eyes, as expected from a pure indica. High Octane OG is a great option for those who need a potent indica to relax and relieve their symptoms. If you're looking for an OG strain with similar effects, we recommend trying Lemon OG.