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AAAA Hibiscus Sunrise


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A mini vacation is always within reach with Hibiscus Sunrise, a slightly indica-dominant strain by Colorado Seed Inc. The team there crossed Hawaiian Sunrise with Gupta Kush and describes this child as “beach chair weed.” Whether you truly are on vacation or simply want to kick back for a day, this strain is exactly what you need to have a good time.

THC levels can vary quite a bit here, with a high of 26% and a low of 18%. Looking much like other hybrid strains on the market, Hibiscus Sunrise features a silhouette that mirrors a bunch of grapes and has orange hairs along with thick trichome coverage. As you’d expect, her flavors include tropical fruit with notes of tangerine and flowers, allowing you to brighten up any room that you smoke in.

The effects that you’ll experience with this strain are pretty standard across the board, but each person’s individual tolerance may play a large role in just how relaxed they will become. Right off the bat, a cerebral boost will help users to feel clear-headed and happy, imparting a bit of creativity to the brain with a slight hint of productivity. Before long, relaxation will be the only thing on the agenda, and socializing with friends while waves of tingles wash over you could become your new favorite activity. Those sensitive to cannabis may end up so sedated that they fall asleep, but typically this isn’t the norm.

Hibiscus Sunrise is a great strain for any time of the day, so as long as you don’t have a ton of things to accomplish, you’ll be able to use this bud to medicate nearly any ailment. Mental woes including stress, anxiety, and depression are soothed thanks to her extremely euphoric properties, and physical pain is often soothed once her tingles kick in. Newer users may want to wait until the afternoon or early evening to medicate, with more seasoned smokers having the option to indulge at any point.

Growing this strain yourself is a relatively easy task, and with the option for indoor or outdoor cultivation, nearly anyone can have some Hibiscus Sunrise for themselves. Colorado Seed Inc recommends frequent topping to help increase your yields and notes that stems will be very strong and rarely need additional support. After 8 to 9 weeks you’ll be ready to harvest a yield that’s decent in size.

Grab a chair, pop open your favorite beverage, and put on some good music because that’s exactly what Hibiscus Sunrise was made for. A strain that’s great for daytime chill sessions with friends or evenings when you want to truly unwind, make sure to have some of this bud on hand at all times.

Common Usage
Depressed 8/10
Insomnia 10/10
Migraines 2/10

Pain 6/10

Stress 4/10

Typical Effects

Relaxed 10/10

Happy 6/10

Creative 4/10

Euphori c8/10

THC Content
Highest Test 26%

Strain Average 22%

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