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Greasy Pink – AAAA+


Typical Effects: Relaxed, Cotton mouth, Creative
Common Usage: Depressed, A loss of Appetite, Anxiety
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Greasy Pink is a unique Indica strain with 27% THC. It's a must-have for all Cannabis enthusiasts, who should expect to feel rested and drowsy.

The Greasy Pink strain is mostly Indica and is thought to be a cross between Bubba Kush and Pink Kush. Save this one for when you want to relax or get really high; it's perfect for an evening in! This strain will leave you giggling like you're stoned off of some good ol' fashioned giggle weed. The distinct earthy, sweet gas scent of the regular 'Pink' flavor gradually fades into the typical woody dankness notes throughout most of the pleasant experience, although there are some harshness at higher temperatures.

The pungent buds of this strain are sticky, bright green, and pink-hued. They're also almost entirely covered in glistening trichomes, giving them a sugar-like appearance. This is definitely a 'wow' strain that will knock your socks off!

An indica-dominant hybrid strain with a touch of Sativa, Greasy Pink is the result of combining the long-lasting effects of Bubba Kush genetics with the delicious lineage of Pink Kush. Despite being mostly indica, this plant has some characteristics that are more typical to Sativas than it does to Pink plants.

This strain is perfect for medical marijuana patients who are treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, inflammation and more.

You can find us: delivering weed in Toronto, the GTA, North York, Etobicoke, providing a weed service in Scarborough and Richmond Hill.

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