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Goudaberry is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a distinct, stinky cheese flavour and a mix of fruity berry undertones all wrapped up in one gorgeous bud package. A combination between the strains of Rainbow Chip and Red Pop, Goudaberry delivers a unique flavour, a distinct aroma and a hard-hitting high with its 24% THC content.

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Goudaberry Strain Information

Introducing Goudaberry: the unique indica-dominant hybrid strain that combines the flavours of pungent gouda cheese with sweet, juicy berries! Bred by Exotic Genetix, this strain packs an average THC content of 24%, making it a hard-hitting choice for even the most experienced of tokers. Discover the unique flavour and aroma of Goudaberry, and experience its mellow and relaxing cerebral effects followed up by physical sedation - the perfect cure for insomnia, depression and poor mood! Buy Goudaberry strain online today.


Goudaberry wears its terpene profile on its sleeve. As its name suggests, Goudaberry blends together notes of pungent gouda cheese with hints of sweet, juicy berries. You would think the combo wouldn’t work but the result is a stinky yet dynamic aroma that leaves you in want of more. More seasoned tokers will also be able to detect notes of gas and diesel underlining this strain’s more cheesy notes.


Goudaberry’s flavour follows in line with its aroma, offering tokers a delightful mix of stinky cheese, berry fruity undertones and a gassy, pungent finish. When you spark up this indica-dominant strain for the first time, the taste of sharp gouda hits the palate almost instantly. As the smoke circulates in your mouth, this strains taste matures and evolves to offer a blend of berry and fruit flavours. As you exhale this pungent and sweet smoke, Goudaberry finishes with a gassy, diesel-like aftertaste that refreshes the palate and prepares you for another toke!


As an indica-dominant strain, Goudaberry takes on a classic indica-appearance with dense, spade-shaped nugs. The colour of each bud reflects its aroma and flavour, with each nug showcasing shades of deep berry purple, brighter shades of light green and bright orange-coloured pistils. Each Goudaberry nug

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