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Many might call this the mother of all crosses.. After breeding Original Glue (formerly Gorilla Glue #4) with OG Kush Breath, the big Gorilla Breath was born! Incredibly powerful and mouth-wateringly delicious, it’s everything that we thought it would be, and then some!

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Gorilla Breath Strain Information

Introducing Gorilla Breath, the legendary strain that's been terrorizing rookie smokers and tantalizing experienced cannabis users alike! Boasting an average THC content of 25-27%, this 80% Indica-dominant hybrid is the result of crossing Original Glue (formerly known as GG#4) and OG Kush Breath, two of the most potent strains in the world. Gorilla Breath is sure to hit you hard and fast, so inexperienced smokers should approach with caution!


Surprisingly, Gorilla Breath has nothing to do with its namesake in terms of smell. Instead, it has a sweet, delectable aroma with notes of vanilla bean, wood, and earth. It's pungent, so be careful when lighting it up!


Gorilla Breath packs a complex yet delicious flavor, with notes of chocolate, pine, diesel, and fuel. Many users refer to it as a "dessert" strain, quite contrary to its name!


Gorilla Breath has a typical Indica strain appearance, with large neon green nugs covered by long orange hairs, and the whole plant is further covered in crystal-like, cannabis trichomes.

Gorilla Breath Strain Effects

Gorilla Breath's high THC content (up to 29%) is sure to hit you quick and hard, resulting in both cerebral and physical effects. Mentally, it’ll stir feelings of euphoria and spark the desire to become a “social butterfly”, while physically it'll bring on relaxation and sleepiness. This strain is also known for its medicinal benefits, with many using it to treat conditions such as chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, depression, glaucoma, migraines, nausea, and severe headaches.

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