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If accidents can lead to the creation of great things, then Golden Goat is one of them. This sativa dominant strain instantly became one of the best hybrids of cannabis and has the powerful effect to uplift any negative emotions!

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Golden Goat Strain Information

Accidents can indeed lead to great things, and the Golden Goat Strain is no exception. This hybrid cannabis strain was created from an unexpected pollination of a Hawaiian-Romulan and Sweet Skunk, and it has been making its way to the consumers’ market since 2009. A balanced combination of Sativa and Indica, the Golden Goat Strain provides a mellow feeling without sedation.


This strain has an unmistakable citrusy smell that quickly turns into an earthy aroma with a hint of sugary bark.


The Golden Goat Strain has a tropical taste that is a mix of earthy, sweet, and citrusy flavors.


The plant of the Golden Goat Strain has light green and pink shades, resembling neon. It also has a frosty-coating of trichomes.

Golden Goat Strain Effects

The Golden Goat Strain is known for its uplifting effects. It brings peace and relaxation to the mind while providing energy and relieving pain. It can also be helpful for those suffering from depression and chronic fatigue.



Buy Golden Goat Strain Online

The Golden Goat Strain offers a unique combination of energizing and calming effects, making it a great option for those looking to unwind without risking couch lock. With its attractive appearance and refreshing aroma, you can be sure that the Golden Goat Strain will provide a pleasant experience.

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