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Squish Extracts Candy Jewelsare infused with premium solvent-free rosin extracted fromtop quality cannabis.Total servings: 100mg THC per PackServing size:10mg / pieceQuantity:10 pieces

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Squish Extracts Candy Jewels

Indulge your sweet tooth with Squish Extracts Candy Jewels! Infused with premium solvent-free rosin extracted from top quality cannabis, each Candy Jewel contains 10mg of rosin with dosing carefully controlled to ensure consistent results every time. Each order contains 100mg THC, enough for 10 Jewels. Choose from four delicious flavours: Cotton Candy, Cinnamon, Strawberry Marshmallow, and Mixed Fruit. With all-natural ingredients like sugar, cannabis extracts, and artificial flavours and colours, you can enjoy a sweet treat with the added bonus of THC. Remember to consume 1 Candy (10mg THC), wait 30-60 minutes before consuming more. Check the THC Dosage Chart for more information!