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Bubba OG is so legendary that, even though it’s a hybrid, it’s obtained OG status! If you’re a fan of indica-dominant hybrids, this strain is a must-try. A knock-out grade strain, Bubba OG has potent and powerful body effects while providing a euphoric yet clear head high.

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Bubba OG Strain Information

Introducing Bubba OG, the potent and heavy-hitting indica-dominant hybrid created by Canadian cannabis legend Dr. Greenthumb. It's the prodigal son of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and OG Kush, and it's quickly becoming a favorite among users. Enjoy restful relaxation and a heightened sense of euphoria with Bubba OG, while still maintaining a clear head and enhancing focus.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Bubba OG has small to medium-sized flowers with a huddled, chunky appearance. The buds are dense, characteristic of an indica, and the leaves of this strain are a bright shade of green with red to orange pistils twisted throughout the buds. Many times, the flowers of Bubba OG are a tapestry of stunning green, purple and blue hues. A translucent coating of trichomes highlights the already colourful flowers.

The aroma of this hybrid strain is a perfect representation of its heritage, blending Kush with pungent earthy aromas and base notes of hash and incense. Upon further inspection, there are also sweet smells of berries and citrus. Breaking open or grinding the buds yields hints of fresh pine. And the flavour of Bubba OG will not disappoint either - it offers herbal notes and a lingering citrus aftertaste.

Bubba OG comes on quickly for an indica-dominant strain, with a warm and comforting sensation enveloping your core and limbs. This can often lead to a desire to lounge in something cozy. Euphoria soon follows, allowing users to enjoy their environment more and enhancing colours and tastes. As the high wears on or the dosage increases, couch-lock and sedation may set in.

Thanks to its heavily tranquillizing effects and THC concentration ranging from 15-27%, Bubba OG is a great medicinal strain. Its physical numbing properties help ease aches and pains, while its mood-boosting effects make it a great choice for treating stress and depression. It can also help

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