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Banjo AAA++


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Banjo is a hybrid with a very pungent aroma and well-balanced effects. A cross between Boost and Colorado Seed’s Tangelo, the strain can be enjoyed in a wide variety of settings. Although its tangy flavor can be somewhat divisive, there’s no disputing the entertaining and therapeutic properties of Banjo’s high. Its THC content has been measured at between 18% and 28%.

Banjo’s flowers are distinguished by their exceptionally large size and solid, conical formation. These buds have the internal structure more typical of indicas, with small leaves that twist tightly inward on themselves, creating a dense core. The leaves themselves are a vivid shade of lime green and are punctuated by a few curly orange pistils. Finally, dewy white trichomes cover all visible nooks and crannies, making these flowers difficult to break up without the help of a grinder.

When properly cured, flowers of Banjo have a uniquely sharp aroma, marked by notes of gasoline; some consumers also compare the scent to that of stinky cheese. Grinding up or breaking apart these buds, meanwhile, may reveal some bitter and skunky odors. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Banjo’s bold flavors combine in a sour smoke that can sear the sinuses, making eyes water. On the exhale, this smoke leaves behind a sour and mildly fruity taste.

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