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1oz Sunshine *Sativa* – Limited Offer


Utilizing Chemdawg and Sunshine Daydream, the sativa marijuana strain known as “Sunshine OG” was born. When consumed, you can expect an extraordinary sense of tranquility and contentment – even on your gloomiest days! Furthermore, this strain offers a delightful mixture of fruity citrus flavors with tropical undertones that makes it a favorite among connoisseurs. Medical cannabis patients also choose Sunshine for its ability to alleviate symptoms such as pain, nausea and appetite loss. As far as cultivation goes, growers often describe light green buds covered in trichomes when cultivating this magnificent strain.

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Sunshine is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with unknown parentage due to a general lack of information about its background. Although not much is known about its heritage, Sunshine is favored among breeders for its hardiness and well balanced effects that complement a variety of strains beautifully. Sunshine has a bright and vivid flavor of sweet tropical citrus and fruits with a touch of dank on each delicious exhale. The smell is slightly earthy and kushy although it still maintains a heavy tropical overtone that’s mouthwateringly sweet. On each smooth exhale, you’ll feel a building tingle behind your eyes and in your forehead that soon becomes a hearty euphoria. As your mind lifts and lifts, you’ll start to become more outgoing and extremely giggly, falling into fits of laughter for no apparent reason. Even with this soaring head high, your body will fall into deep relaxation, keeping you anchored to the earth below. Sunshine is the perfect daytime strain for treating chronic pain, anorexia, and headaches or migraines. It has small tapered minty green nugs with bright orange hairs and a coating of vivid amber colored crystal trichomes.

THC 18-20%


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