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1-1 THC to CBD Vape Cartridge by Sovrin Extracts – 400 mg THC & 400 mg CBD – Special $45


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SKU: 1-1-thc-to-cbd-vape-cartridge-by-soverin-extracts-400-mg-thc-400-mg-cbc-special-45 Category:

This CBD/THC Cartridge from Sovrin Extracts is top of the line when it comes to vape cartridges. It uses clearstick V2 cartridge designed specifically for distillates. This is a 1 to 1 blend with 400mg of both CBD and THC. 400mg of CBD and 400mg of THC per Cartridge Full Spectrum CBD Oil Multiple Flavours. Each cartridge contains 0.80ml of THC/CBD distillates.


510 thread vape battery compatible. 

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Extremely Strong




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