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10 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Sex Life
10 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Sex Life

Sex and marijuana share an intimate partnership widely discussed and practiced amongst cannabis consumers. Based on anecdotal evidence, cannabis can induce very pleasant, relaxing, and sensual effects — acting as an aphrodisiac. A study conducted in the Czech Republic hypothesizes that cannabis has a biphasic effect on sexual drive; when taken in smaller doses, it can add some extra steam to bedroom activities, whilst in large doses, it can actually lower the sex drive. Let’s go through all the benefits that cannabis has on sex.
Cannabis gets your creative juices flowing. The effects of the herb can inspire some spectacular masterpieces, both on the canvas and in between the sheets. It’s like a perfectly executed dance with breathtaking choreography — like the last performance in the movie Black Swan. But instead of the death, the climax expresses a mighty orgasm. Like Picasso painting outlandish sexual experiences, marijuana has the creative power to transform sex into an awe-inspiring work of art.

From a strictly carnal position, sex is all about having one’s senses pleased with orgasmic energy. Everything feels more pronounced; all flavours and aromas become stronger and the visual aspects of sex become really powerful. Imagine a tantric experience, turning the dial up to 420%. The experience elevates beyond the carnal region to the celestial entities uniting our minds, genitals, and soul. Of course, cannabis needs to be consumed in moderate amounts to achieve this sense-enhancing experience.
When all the senses are heightened, there’s a point when they begin to merge together with a twist, inducing a phenomenon called synesthesia. The experience of synesthesia during sex elevates the act to the stuff the universe is made of. The pleasure of an orgasm during cannabis intoxication feels like the balance is restored in the universe, like the chaos of the galaxy unites in harmony during climax. So, if you want to restore the balance of the universe, consume some cannabis with your counterpart, and climax with thunderous might.

Bubblegum Kush, Girl Scout Cookies & Sour Diesel
Depending on the cannabis strain used, its effects on the sex experience may differ. Some varieties deliver that deep, relaxing, and sensual experience, while others can turn up the energy dial and induce a sweaty and euphoric act. The former experience will benefit from strains like OG Kush or some potent indica-dominant variety like Girl Scout Cookies and Bubblegum Kush. The latter will benefit from sativa-dominant strains like Sour Diesel, which is a perfect option for hedonistic endeavours.
Cannabis is known for releasing inhibitions. Even though from a historical perspective the taboo surrounding sex is largely disappearing, our culture still carries some of the “don’t talk about it” attitude lingering from the Victorian era. Smoking a jay or having a (small serving of an) edible will encourage the parties involved to be more daring and adventurous. Maybe adding some role-play involving Star Wars characters, Avatars, or whatever you’re into might just be the thing to facilitate your sexual liberation.

Upon smoking cannabis, many feelings and emotions come to the surface. There is something very special about the effects of weed when it comes to bonding with other people, and the general sense of empathy it unveils. This is something that strengthens the bond between partners and makes the sex experience more complete. Sometimes, we may forget that special bond after years of being in the relationship. Cannabis can help guide each partner to access their original spark and bond over some sweet love-making.
Cannabis is known for its feminine energy, providing consumers with the tools to express their emotions and truth. Communication should be practiced between couples whilst sober, but to strengthen the bond further, cannabis definitely takes it to another level. When each individual is fully transparent and open, sex can become elevated past the carnal, “earthly” realm into the stuff of legend. Vape or smoke some weed and get to know what makes your partner(s) tick, both in and outside of the bedroom.
There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that cannabis increases libido. Sexual appetite gets heated after hitting that bowl filled with superb bud. In Eastern cultures, cannabis was used as an aphrodisiac, enhancing sexual drive and the opportunity for tantric experiences. However, in large doses, especially for men, cannabis can actually reduce sex drive. So keep it moderate, and it shall guide you to sexual success.

Very often, people drink alcohol due to social anxiety surrounding sex. Alcohol does reduce inhibitions and can induce great sex, but it doesn’t compare with the true power of cannabis. Cannabis mediates a more “natural” sex drive that creates a true bond, without vomiting, acting unpredictably, having regrets the next morning, or even blacking out and forgetting the evening altogether. If you want to have a great sexual experience, we always suggest choosing weed over alcohol.
Sexual revelations or “sexelations” (that’s a cool name for a strain…) are something experienced by many cannabis and sex enthusiasts. The experience is so great, we even had to make up a word for it as it’s not commonly understood on the sober level. Mystics across many religions and cultures perceive sex as something metaphysical, something that creates life and destroys negativity, something that brings light — even when someone stole your lighter.
Getting high and cosy with one’s sex partner is a superb experience. Find your perfect strain, dosage, consumption method, and fly with the deities of tantric sexelations.

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